Upload files in asp.net

Restrict the size of file uploads in – CodeProject

by Monjurul Habib – in 189 Google+ circles – More by Monjurul Habib
Specific directories rather than entire application: For individual uploader:int maxSize = 2097151;if (FileUpload1.HasFile &&…; Author: Monjurul Habib; Updated: …

Setting up Web.config to allow uploading of large files by ASP .NET …

This article shows how to setup Web.config to allow uploading of files larger than 4 MB by applications.; Author: Caio Proiete; …

Simple File Uploads in : The Official Microsoft Site

In this video I will demonstrate upload files in asp.net using uploading a single file from the client machine to your server. This will be the first in a series of …

AsyncFileUpload Sample –

AsyncFileUpload is an AJAX Control that allows you asynchronously upload files to server. The file uploading results can be checked both in the …

c# – File upload size issue in – Stack Overflow

3 answers – 21 Mar 2012
I am getting error on file upload in and the file size is 780kb … It doesn’t appear to be related to the file size – you would get a different …


– – post file gives 404 page result even though posted file …

2 answers – 22 Jun 2011
I have flash file upload a page on my site which uploads files. I have attempted to tweak the web.config file to allow for larger uploads.

FileUpload event after choice is made and before submit for …

1 answer – 6 May 2009
I know how to get the size of the file but not before the Upload File button

… Browse other questions tagged file-upload or ask your own …

uploading file – Stack Overflow

2 answers – 19 Nov 2012
I have a FileLoad controller as such:

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